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Flt Lt Mohana Singh is the first Woman to become Fully Operational by Day on Hawk Jets

Staff Correspondent

Flt Lt Mohana Singh, became the first woman fighter pilot to become fully operational by day on Hawk advanced jet aircraft as she landed after a grueling 4 Aircraft combat sortie at Air Force station , Kalaikunda , West Bengal, which was the last syllabus sortie, of being fully operational on the Hawk Jets.  Her training involved flying both Air to Air combat and Air to Ground missions. She has undertaken many practice missions which involved firing of rockets, guns and dropping high caliber bombs and also participated in various Air Force Level flying exercises .She has a total of over 500 hrs of incident free flying of which 380 hrs are on the Hawk Mk 132 jet. She along with two other girls Bhawana Kanth and Avani Chaturvedi Joined the fighter stream in Jun 2016 . Flt Lt Bhawana Kanth just became fully operational by day on MiG-21 Bison, a week back.