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About us

The last five years have seen an unprecedented spotlight on defence and security matters, dominating headlines with rising consistency. With what began as only one or two odd major military issues in current affairs an year, are now emerging every week with each story lasting in in the press for at least a fortnight before another defence ‘break’.

But interesting is the variety that has been generated in this explosion: right from military accidents, to core tactical actions, equipment and weaponry issues, procurement matters, geopolitical-military diplomacy, defence business and industry, defence science and technology and Veterans’ affairs.

It is the last category where Fauji India has a concerted thrust. There have been magazines around since the 1960s with the country being home to nine of the most established journals, much before the boom in the defence ‘beat’ (as they call it in media parlance). However, while it has not been an emerging field, one realm of the defence subject which was abysmally missing from the reportage was the human dimension. The military, apart from the officers and their weapons, is also made up of the odd enlisted soldier and their families, who constitute an extension of the defence organization. We realized it was time to expand the scope beyond the geopolitical, military and ‘which missile hits the hardest’ fare.

Thus was born Fauji India in August 2014, where even Fauji wives and children can pen their light hearted pieces, alongside a lowly Subedar Major, a Petty Officer and our women Faujis too. They speak on everything from Unmanned Underwater Warfare, intelligence operations to freewheeling reminiscence of their life inside and outside the cantonment in Hindi as well, if it suits them. Not to mention a space for poems and paintings for the artistically and literary inclined among us.

Ever since our inception, we have consistently covered and pursued every welfare issue, ranging from OROP, to Non-Functional Upgrade (NFU) and Disability Pensions, truly behoving our credo of The United Voice of Veterans and Sainiks. Of course, in the interest of academic seriousness, we have not only never ignored core military issues, but also touched upon issues with the recruitment, selection and training of our manpower which some of our contributors showed are as harmful as equipment obsolescence – the result of a rot within our ranks. In other words, Fauji India is a seemingly rosy coffee-time defence features publication, that suddenly throws up a cogent criticism of the faults within our AFs, wherever it is due.

There is something for everyone, including tips for ESMs in their transition to civvy street by our retired comrades who have a made a name for themselves in the field. The fact that it was founded by two non-pensioning Faujis, is a testament to the earnestness of the endeavour and commitment to Fighting For Those Who Fight For The Country. We know of no other defence journal that is not so beautifully balanced in content, but also practices true inclusivity by giving a space to every Fauji – from a Chief to an NCO and our women personnel.

By subscribing to this publication, you will be supporting a solid platform for diversity in coverage of military affairs, that aims to redefine the way the subject has been treated. Welcome to Fauji India!