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2 Navy Personnel Die In Kochi Naval Base Accident

Two Navy personnel were killed today when the heavy door of a helicopter hangar fell on them at the Southern Naval Command’s base in Kochi.

Two naval sailors of Aviation electrical branch, Naveen, EAA3 and Ajeet Singh, EAAR3 were tragically killed when one of the hangar doors of the Indian Naval Air Squadron 322 collapsed at INS Garuda, Kochi on 27 Dec 18. The sliding hangar door dislodged from its supporting rails above and fell on top of the two sailors who were passing by. Both the sailors were rushed in a critically injured state to the naval hospital, INHS Sanjivani, where despite best efforts of the doctors to resuscitate them, they succumbed to their injuries at about 0940 hrs.

Naveen, EAA3 hails from Bhiwani Dist, Haryana and joined the Indian Navy on 25 Jan 08, while Ajeet Singh, EAAR3, hails from Bharatpur Dist, Rajasthan and joined Indian Navy on 29 Jul 09. Naveen is survived by his wife Mrs. Aarti and two year old daughter while Ajeet Singh is survived by his wife Mrs. Parvati and five year old son. A Board of Inquiry has been ordered into the cause of the accident.