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Letter of Appreciation to ‘Fauji India’

I on behalf of IESM congratulate you for the yeoman service that FAUJI INDIA magazine is doing. Your magazine is fulfilling a long overdue need to bring important issues of the men of Indian Armed Forces in mainstream print journalism.

We are thankful to the magazine for having brought the issue of OROP to the Defence Minister (Raksha Mantri), Mr Manohar Parrikar’s attention. We would like to bring to your notice of an incident in this regard as follows:

IESM General Secretary, Gp Capt VK Gandhi received an email from the Raksha Mantri on the 6th of December when he called IEMS reps for a meeting on the 9th December 2014 for a meeting with him.

When we went for the meeting with Raksha Mantri, I tried to give him a copy of FAUJI INDIA magazine to make him aware of the issues of faujis, he then informed that he has already got a copy of ‘Fauji India’ and he has read it in detail and understood the OROP issue from the fauji perspective.

We are thankful to the magazine to have highlighted the issue of OROP in particular and other issues that your magazine is taking up from time to time. Now the RM has given firm commitment and time-lines to implement the same.

We wish you greater heights and a grand success. May God bless you!

– Maj Gen Satbir Singh (Retd)

Chairman, Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM)

Compliments to ‘Fauji India’ for remarkably successful transition

I am grateful to you for regularly sending me copies of ‘Fauji India’, with which I have had the privilege of being associated since its very inception. To be candid, I was disappointed at the content of the first few issues which largely contained ‘moans’, ‘groans’, and ‘expressions of self-pity’ by many of us veterans about how the establishment was ignoring our rightful entitlements, degrading the status of the Armed Forces, and so on.

However, reading the last few issues of ‘Fauji India’ fills me with joy and pride. It has really matured into a serious periodical that combines analytical, historical, and human interest articles pertaining to defence issues and the Indian Armed Forces, with pieces that deal with matters of concern to both the serving fraternity as also veterans, in a balanced and nuanced manner, even while being critical. My compliments to you and Maroof for having achieved this remarkably successful transition. It will be my great privilege and pleasure to continue to be associated with you in your journey ahead.

– Lt Gen Satish Nambiar, VrC (Retd)

(Padma Bhushan on Republic Day 2009)

Former Army Chief has encouraging words for this magazine

I have been an avid reader of ‘Fauji India’ Magazine ever since its first issue in August 2014. Dealing as it does with National Security in all its aspects with the accent on the three Services and their ex-servicemen, it has provided a much needed bridge between the Country, its Forces and Veterans.

The contributors have provided thought provoking articles and have specially suggested measures to boost our National Security status. Veterans of the Forces have come through with hard hitting and thought provoking articles, which demand the reader’s attention.

The Veterans efforts to get Government’s approval for OROP have backed up the cause espoused by Veteran’s associations, magnificently.

Science and Technology pertaining to the Services and “light” articles, which will entertain all readers, is a special feature of the Magazine. In fact, the Magazine provides something for everyone without losing its focus on National Security, the Services and Veterans.

I have enjoyed my hours with the magazine. I have great pleasure in complimenting the Magazine for its superlative success within the short period of 17-18 months.

I wish ‘Fauji India’ Magazine even greater success in the years to come. 

– Gen Sundararajan Padmanabhan (Retd)

Former Army Chief

A Lt Governor’s encouraging words for ‘Fauji India’ magazine

The proud quote on the Pir Panjal Ranges of Srinagar reads: Ajeet hai, Abheet hai! – meaning Indomitable, we are! Fearless, we are! The ‘Fauji India’ magazine echoes this sentiment.

Kudos to the entire proficient team of this magazine for bringing out worthy articles month after month! It is not just a magazine but the voice of Faujis in mainstream media.

I extend my greetings and best wishes for the positive efforts of the Fauji fraternity for contributing to its popular and brilliant compilation of the same and the editorial staff. I recommend the magazine to all of the uniformed fraternity.

May I end with a favourite Quote of mine from my Southern Command days about the Credo of the Indian Army Officer: “Humility is the persona and arrogance in his uniform!” (An arrogance based on his integrity, competence and commitment) 

Lt Gen AK Singh (Retd)

Governor of Andaman Islands and Puduchery

Kudos to ‘Fauji India’ magazine: Former Air Chief

I came across ‘Fauji India’ only a few months ago. One of my good friends had recommended it to me. I had an article ready, so I contacted them. The response, I must say was gratifyingly quick. Thereafter I read the first issue I could lay my hands on and I was sold.

Fauji India magazine has an endearing ‘soft’ quality. The front cover is eye catching and the issues the magazine addresses are live and current. Maroof Raza’s editorials are eminently readable and thought provoking.

Inside, the reportage is classy and not wishy washy, thank the Lord. Articles and interviews are credible and candid. Photos are top quality. What more can one ask?

An aspect I found especially pleasing was the prompt and friendly approach of Capt Prasoon Kumar. All in all, dealing with Fauji India is a pleasant and educative experience. I would definitely recommend Fauji India to all students of national security.

Air Chief Marshal PV Naik (Retd), Former Indian Air Force Chief

Impressive Article and Battle Stories in October 2015 edition

At the outset I would like to congratulate you for carrying out the comprehensive yet very composite success stories and various interviews of real life heroes.

The interview of Smt. Damyanti V Tambey printed in this edition has been captured in excellent manner. Her immense struggle, courage and bravery to face all the odds have been very well projected. We have known Smt. Tambey since past many years. We must applaud her for all her strength and the spirit with which has become an inspiration to all.

In her journey she has not only coped up with her tragedy but has entirely dedicated her life to the welfare of war widows and her families.

We praise her for all her inbound energy and vigor with which she has led this journey.

We look forward to many more such courageous stories which depict the heroism and become examples for everyone.

Your writing is super, editing is good and diction is also great. We congratulate you for the same.

Dr. V. Mohini Giri

President War Widows Association